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The Photographers
I don't own a digital camera.
It is important to get that stated up front. All of the images I create are film-based, hand-produced, and come into being through a variety of tactile analog processes.

It's not a romanticized notion to say that I sit and review my negatives, sometimes for long periods of time, while letting them tell me what they are going to become. Like getting to know a new friend, some are easier to figure out than others. Sometimes a negative, like a person, will seem to have many different personalities. I liken them to a face that may be with or without makeup, dressed casually or to the nines in various outfits they wear in front of the world. It is my task and my joy to interpret them, create them and present them.

Working in the darkroom, and then sometimes further at the drafting table in my studio, is a solitary process. But art is meant to be viewed, and shared; otherwise it has little meaning beyond what it has taught the artist. When I have finished a series or small body of work, to display my work is to complete the circle, to reach the end of the path. In this spirit I hope you enjoy the gallery section of my site.
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